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This sturdy aluminum handle incorporates an adjustable chain roller so chain tension can be adjusted at the Helper Handle end of the saw bar. Needed for milling with a double end saw bar.





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Weight2.6 lbs
Dimensions12 × 6 × 4 in

3 reviews for HELPER HANDLE WITH ROLLER – G975

  1. Peter Forbes

    Got this 5 days later than promised very very disappointed. Now that I have it the metal parts don’t line up. Very frustrated

  2. david ursin

    I just received the Helper Handle with the roller assembly. The adjuster that connects between the handle and the bar is poorly assembled and welded. The bolt that goes from the plate to the bar is misaligned and not square. The portion of the adjuster that has a coupler welded to the plate is severely misaligned and welded. Finally, the rod that connects to the bolt adjustment can’t be threaded on to that bolt because of bad threads. The multiple mis-alignments of the assembly make the adjuster unusable. I’m very disappointed with the quality of the product. I own two chainsaw mills and have 3 sizes of Granberg bars which never encountered problems. I purchased the Helper Handle through Baileysonline.

  3. Mitch Giebler

    Ran the helper wide open for 6 years on a 72 inch grand berg in oak maple walnut. I thought to myself wonder when the bearings in that thing will implode. 2 weeks later ca-pow chain to the knee cap wide open. Im ok. but it lasted a long time how ever is it possible to design a bearing setup that can be dis-assembled and serviced?

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