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Breaks & rivets chain

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Cut your own chain loops with this tool. Adjustable anvils and spinner head allow for chain repair on the go.


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  1. Eric Steadle

    I have used this tool to break and mend my ripping chains for my mill. And it does work. Not well, but enough to get the chain working again in the field. That’s the best thing I can say about it.

    The manufacturing on this tool is “rough”. It’s a vise-grip style lever action clamp that adjusts with an end-bolt. It’s obviously formed by press and riveting in a pretty low tolerance environment. The rivets between the handle and tool have some play which lets the handle move off the center line of the lever action, resulting in less force being applied to the end of the tool, and more hand force required to close the tool in. The end-bolt adjustment isn’t fine enough to let you ‘finesse’ the closure pressure like a more well-manufactured vise-grip tool (if you’ve used V-Gs a lot you may know what i mean here). I had to use both hands to close it on pretty much every try.
    The anvil assembly is clever but mine is not well-centered and does not mate well with the spinner anvil. This caused me to have to spend extra time very precisely lining up the two anvils as best as possible and having to angle the tool handle oddly to get it to close. I will have to remove the anvil and re-set the anvil location on the threaded rod because mine definitely wasn’t assembled carefully enough to have those align correctly.
    Basically, it works, and it’s portable, and it’s less expensive than a bench mender, so this has got to be a tool you consider buying if you’re going to be chainsaw milling on your weekends.

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