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Grind cooler and longer

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Product Description

Part Number and name: G440 Kool Grind | Grind cooler and longer

Used for/with: Cooling compound for use when sharpening chain with Granberg motorized sharpeners

Fits: Will work as coolant with any abrasive grinding wheel

General description: Silicone-based wax cylinder that cools and lubricates during sharpening operations

Use description: Touch sharpening stone to Kool Grind while grinder motor is operating after every third tooth you sharpen


Additional Information

Shipping weights and dimensions: ½” diameter, two inches long, 1/3 oz.

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4 reviews for KOOL GRIND – G440

  1. Bill Gasser

    I have been using cool grind for the fifth. Year & I love it.

  2. Bill Gasser

    When I first got introduced to Kool grind I used on my chainsaw grinder and I love it I keep from burning the chain and much pain last a lot longer

  3. John Hamilton

    When I bought my Granberg 12 volt sharpener, I sharpened my first few chains without using the Koop Grind. As soon as I started using it, I noticed the sharpening is smoother and the stones last longer. Very good product!

  4. scott grizzle

    Kool grind is a must have if you have electric grinders and for $2.50 you really can’t go wrong.try it and you will always want to keep a stock pile of it.

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