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Product Description

We are no longer selling the 9FT G1080 EZ-Rails but will now be selling the 10FT EZ-Rails for the same price.

Part Number and name: G1080 EZ rail (8’11”)

Used for/with: G778, sizes 24” -84”, G777 Small Log Mill.

Fits: Can be used with any horizontally-oriented mill. Larger crossbars available for logs of greater than four feet in diameter.

General description: Aircraft-grade aluminum rails provide a stable surface that attaches in seconds and is easily levelled left to right, front and back. Cross members are adjustable along whole length of the EZ rails.

Use description: Hammer in dogs attached to cross members, set levels using a screwdriver or drill, then start milling.






Additional Information

Shipping weights and dimensions: 108”x4x3, 16lbs

Related products: G1085 (five foot EZ rail extension – requires G1090 connector kit), 086F24 (24” crossbar), 1100F6 (Six-inch levelling screw)


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