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Product Description

Part Number and name: G106B File-N-Joint

Used for/with: Sharpening all saw chains

Fits: Will hold all file sizes for standard chain pitches and lowering depth gauges

General description: Precision bar-mounted chainsaw sharpener/file holder made of cast aluminum and zinc-plated steel

Use description: Use calibrated swivel guide markings to set and hold correct sharpening angle. Integrated features allow users to set file height and tooth length.





Additional Information

Shipping weights and dimensions: 15”x7”x5” 3lb

Related products: Round chain saw files G427 (5/32), G428 (3/16), G429 (7/32)


  1. Peter Fixler

    I am an urban forester or arborist now for over 15 years and have tried many different approaches to sharpening saw chains. The Ganberg Jig (File-N-Joint) has been my answer for sharpening my chains back to “like new” sharpness for years now. The difference with the jig is it ability to consistently sharpen each tooth the exact same length the exact same sharpness preventing one sides’ teeth from being longer than the which, on a longer bar, can cause the chain to cut on a curve. The ability to set consistent tooth length and to be able to sharpen full chisel chain, with the jigs ability to set the three angles to do that type of chain, make this a my go to sharpener.

  2. Darcy Englen (verified owner)

    Allows me to keep everything in line and quick to connect and run through teeth. Should save a lot of waist over sharpening freehand.

  3. Bruce

    I have tried many other sharpeners over the years..including the hand held electric ones. While many like the electric ones work.. they give little control over making each tooth the same in all aspects. It took me a while to figure out how to set all the different settings.. but once done..I have gotten the best and most uniform sharpening I have ever gotten. And the nice things is that the sharpener can be used any where you happen to be when you need to sharpen the chain.

  4. scott grizzle

    Love this sharpener, it like all granberg products are top notch 100% quality. This is one of the best ways to get the most out of your chains.some of the big table mounted grinders ,while very effective, can eat your chain up quickly if your not careful. This one doesn’t do that.i highly recommend this setup and all other granberg products as far as that goes.

  5. Michael j Burk

    How do I get the bracket separately from the kit!!??? Thank you in advance !!

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