Walsh Woodworks on the Power of the Chainsaw Mill

On today’s show, we get to know Vinny Walsh of Walsh Woodworks. Wanting to return to his upbringing working with sawmills, Vinny started Walsh Woodworks in 2016 and loves using his Granberg mill for all of his projects. In this podcast, we will learn: How Vinny Walsh set up his sawmill business after 18 years…

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Danny and his Granberg Mill

Danny Torres, Firefighting, And His Granberg Mill

  DANNY TORRES, FIREFIGHTING, AND HIS GRANBERG MILL With what started as a passion for chainsaws and tree cutting, Danny Torres turned these sawyer skills into his business, Deadwood Revival Design. Based out of San Luis Obispo, CA, Deadwood Revival is a wood and steel fabrication outfit.  One day, while talking with a friend, Danny…

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The Everwoods Designs Showroom

Growing Your Brand with a Showroom – EverWoods Designs

HOW THE BUSINESS STARTED Today, we’re talking to Steve Timmermans from EverWoods Designs. Starting part-time in early 2000, Steve decided to acquire his own logs for lumber at the same time that live edge was making a comeback. As a former biologist with a background in ecology, he transitioned from this profession into the woodworking…

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Diversifying Your Wood Business with James Vann of Summerhill Woodwork

ABOUT On this episode, we’re talking to James Vann of Summerhill Woodwork. Based in the southeast of England, James diversifies his business by utilizing his wood skills in several areas. When he’s not running his sawmill, he also does tree and forestry work. HOW THE BUSINESS STARTED When he was fourteen, James started selling firewood as…

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Wolfbear Wood Designs and Using an Alaskan Mill

  HOW THE BUSINESS STARTED. Today, we’re talking with Bryce Mann of Wolfbear Wood Designs. About two years ago, Bryce started as a woodworking hobbyist. As he started piecing small projects together and began to learn more about the work, he soon felt confident enough to start selling his designs. Completely self-taught, Bryce has learned…

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Pottage Sawmill: Adding Lumber Milling To Your Landscaping Business

HOW THE BUSINESS STARTED Today, we have Dan Pottage of Pottage Sawmill. Dan started out as a landscaper but being based in Southern Alberta, Canada he quickly grew tired of working in the cold. Instead, he took classes and started working in tree removal. This quickly led him down the path to the sawmill life!…

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Sail Cargo: Building a Cargo Ship With A Granberg Chainsaw Mill

HOW THE BUSINESS STARTED Today, we have Danielle of Sail Cargo. She started out as a tall ship sailor, then later came up with an idea to build a full wood cargo-only sailing vessel. This was an inspiration from another vessel she experienced in which she loved their concept and mission. She went ahead and…

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Mathew Wlotkowski

Selling Your Custom Wood Product on Etsy with Rough Sawn Detroit

HOW THE BUSINESS STARTED On this episode, I chat with Mathew Wlotkowski of Rough Sawn Detroit. For Mathew, his business started out as a hobby, using the salvaged materials that he found to create pieces, he didn’t initially foresee this becoming a profitable gig. He’d been going through the Detroit area, sourcing his material from trees…

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