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Granberg International is a US-based, family owned and operated business, with a 60-year commitment to providing its customers worldwide with the highest-quality chain saw mills and accessories in the industry.

"I like to think of our products as tools that encourage your creativity. Our simple but accurate saw mills turn logs into custom lumber for creative projects. Let the wood inspire you, connect with your inner craftsman. Experience is the best teacher and I love to share that with our customers."

- Erik Granberg, President

About Granberg International

GRANBERG INTERNATIONAL’S story begins in the forests of the Pacific Northwest when a young WWII veteran and contract logger named Elof Granberg determined that freehand chain saw sharpening was inaccurate, which unnecessarily increased sawing time.  Rather than accepting the status quo, he invented the File-n-Joint in 1954.  He also invented and introduced to the chain saw accessory market the first 12-volt portable chain saw sharpener; the first adjustable and portable saw chain breaker/mender and the first chain saw hedge trimmer attachment.
In the 1960s, Granberg acquired the rights to a bar-mounted chain saw mill, nicknamed the “Alaskan.” Working under the credo “smarter, not harder,” Elof set about simplifying and streamlining the design. Today, the Alaskan MKIII is the industry standard and is sold all over the world. Over the years, the Mini Mill was added to Granberg’s saw mill line as well as the Small Log Mill.
Today, Granberg is still a family owned business and Elof’s descendents are still managing the business and continuing to improve and update the product line. We strive to continue Elof’s high standards and honor his belief that a product can - and must - be affordable, accurate and well designed.
Our American made and assembled products are always backed by top notch customer service, and our sales department is committed to ensuring you always get the right tool for the job.


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