Sustainable Living For The Penan

The Penan are some of the world’s last hunter gatherers, living in the Malaysian state of Sarawak on the island of Borneo. Until recently most have been nomadic, wandering in small family groups, each with their own, fairly clearly demarcated territory. Some have never traveled more than 20 miles from their birthplace. With the increased…

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From Salvaged Walnut to Beautiful Table

Salvaged walnut log from Washington. One of the slabs made its way to Idaho as a beautiful table.

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Making Dimensional Lumber

The Mini Mill being used to make dimensional lumber.

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Marshall Islands

Milling lumber in the South Pacific, Marshall Islands

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Lumber in Africa

The Alaskan Small Log Mill being used to make some lumber in Africa.

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Frames in Norway

The Alaskan Mill was used to make these timber frames in Norway.

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Making Use of a Fallen Tree

President Erik Granberg using the Alaskan Small Log Mill to slab up a tree that fell down in his neighbor’s yard.

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Mini Mill

The Mini Mill in action!

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Black Walnut Beauty

Kevin Taylor, an avid user of Granberg Alaskan Mills, used the Alaskan C2 Mill to slab up this black walnut beauty.

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Milling Lumber in Tena, Ecuador

The locals were exuberant to find that old logs could be turned into quality wood. In most places around the world, the good trees have been cut and the timber industry has moved on. But many quality trees were left on the ground and now local farmers are finding new ways to make good money…

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